Thursday, March 07, 2013

In an early winter morning in a Northern Chinese city, a young couple drove to their small grocery to start their business. They parked the car in front of their store. The husband went into the store to start a stove. The wife remained in the car with their 2 month old baby because there was air conditioner in the car, but the grocery room needed a certain time to be warmed up. They are not rich enough to hire a babysitter since their baby has to travel with his parents everywhere despite his young age and the severe weather. Meanwhile, somebody walked into the grocery to buy something, the wife left the baby in the car and went into the store to take care of the customer. The car was unlocked, the engine remained starting for keeping AC working. After the wife got the transaction done for more than ten minutes, she found the car was missing, along with the baby.
Most likely, the suspect stole the car by accident, but what he would act when he discover a baby in the car?     


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