Thursday, March 30, 2006

A heave day passed

I finished two midterm exams today, but I think I still cannot get a break, even a night. Next Wednesday, there will be a quiz in my history class. Too much work need to do. I don't understant why life turned like this way. If one only do one thing in a time period, It is not healthy. I usually enjoy something beyond my business, but it is always not allowed by life itself.
I used a word "fat" in my essay to describe a ugly girl. I was carefuless to realize that might hurt some " fat " people. But, how can I explain it. My supervise is fat, but when I think about her, the idea about she is a nice person always go first than she is a fat one in my mind. I'm a short woman, I only have 5". If somebody say who is ugly as fat and short. I think I probablely don't not think myself too much.


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