Saturday, April 08, 2006

Listening the light rain

I try to finish the book report of Wild Swans. It's a very boring and long book. The author thought her family story was complicated and wonderful enough, but it was just for herself. I used to plan to write a book about my family; I believed that the experience about my grandparents and my father and my uncle should shock anybody. However, when I have read this book, I think it is not necessary to write a family story as hers or mine. It is really nothing special, all of our life is just common. One should very brave then can be a great writer. The auther dare not to write any truly bad thing. It's also possible that her mind didn't reach a deep thought level. If her idea equals mine, what I can learn form her writing? I enjoy the small things in life, but I dislike any shallow mind. Although I agree that she had writen five hundred pages long novel in correct English, I have to say this book not only cannot offers some profound political opinions, but is a boring literature work.
I know can only write my true opinion in a private place but not on my academic paper. I have to say something positive of the book to fulfill the assignment. I wish I can.


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