Saturday, April 01, 2006

A short rain in the afternoon

This is a quiet saturday afternoon. it was rain half hour ago, a very short rain. staying home and listening to rain, I feel I don't need anything also. I told my one of my best friend, " One will get more free if he has less material desires." But he didn't believe me. Eeverybody has different goal of life. I cannot understand them, so as they cannot understant me. If you separate from a person whom you love, you may want make a phone call to him; a short phone call may not satisfied, so you may want constantly talking to him; words are repersent nothing, so you may want a hug. What is the end of desire of human?
There is only suffering in the world, and according to Buddha, even if one died, he is not guaranted to escape the circle of suffering. I never hope any bright future but only the peaceful now. I do not wish anybody but myself.


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