Sunday, April 09, 2006

Do you never want to do any bad thing

Common people always dare not to kill others even if they want. The reason is that there are law and moral control in societies. However, we are all cheated by the moral codes. If I kill somebody, I will feel a sense of guilt. but I should not. History have developed by countless slaughter and murders. After somebody committed big enought crime, he would enjoyed the richest in the world, held unlimited power, and he marked his name remarkablely in the history. Only somebody did small bad things, he would be pronounced guilty. All the pass sunk except some people who stood up from blood and bead bodies. The later generations study the life of them because they were our ancestors. How they killed people became the theme of human development. It is not a new idea; Zhuangzi have told us two thousand years ago. This is so pity that nobody listen to him. People continute love their leaders, respect the leaders as pure and upring examples. Most people in their life long do not ask themselves why and how of their lives, but accounce them are this kind of people with pride, " We love life; we have fun;we work hard; we produce children for next gerenation."

Sometimes, we do not need as serious as that.


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