Thursday, April 13, 2006

Truth is not always good

My husband told me that he have had an informal conversation with his boss in the dinner yesterday night and the topic was about me. Then he told me the details of their conversation. When his boss knew that I have been America, he asked my husband how about my life and work. My husband praised me that after graduation from a well-known Chinese University, I entered a American college currently. When the boss asked if I was already perfect in English. My husband said, "Of cause, she was graduated in an English major in her former Chinese University." he added, "Her current major is history. She wants to be a scholar or a college professor but have no interest in any popular majors such as business." I was surprised by his words. I didn't good study when I was a student in China, and I still didn't pass the ACT English test yet. After I came to America, for earning a living, I used to be dishwasher in Chinese restaurants. Until now, I have litter saving because I can't stand these dehumaninzed hard work. When I realized I have to change my social situation, I entered into a community college two years ago. My life is so simple and boring; I bring lunch and water to school in order to save money; I never travel beyond New York city and rarely go out to eat. I couldn't be a scholar this life althoug it is indeed my dream. I wondered why my husband lied. he told me that nobody interests in your true life. In a particular siutation such as the dinner, people want to hear something nice, happy, want to enjoy a wonderful dream of upper life. This is the function of lie and truth is not always good.
I don't know what I can say about that. Maybe he is right.


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