Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An A on History 710 Mid-term exam

I received 96 on the mid-term exam of History 710 from Professor Allen. Professor Allen is not only far form easy, but also has no affection on me at all. So I think the score is more likely a fair one and am overjoyed by it.

I have been suffering from the research paper of Messene since two or three weeks ago. it is a brand new topic to me and it should be 10-12 page long. I thought to use two weeks to finish it, because I don’t have too much time to pay on this paper only. But now, seem as the paper turning to be an endless project. The planning end date has been postponed again and again. I took four annual leaving days in the two weeks from QCC in order to concentrate on this paper. Anyway, more than half part of it is done, another half is forming. I wish I can finish it in next week.


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