Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A slow and enjoyable winter break

2010 is coming. I remain the regular pace to move forward, to get older and older. Brian is layoff in the winter season. Despite the decrease of income, we get more time stay together at our warm home and enjoy the slow lifestyle.

Working at QCC office is boring but I want to go. The reason is not only about money but also because in such a circumstance, I am pushed to stay in an English language environment. I speak English only with my colleagues. If I stay at home, a large portion of my productive time would be waste on browsing the Internet, reading Chinese novels. When I stay in the office, I feel embarrassed to read Chinese, so I read English only, either books or anything online. Nobody likes pressure, but for me, pressure is a very important factor to force me studying.

It is a big chance that I may have a new Chinese tutoring opportunity later. We have already discussed the details and arranged the time. If everything goes well, we would meet on next Monday evening. It is always a mystery that what kind of person you would meet, but is useless to take a guess. Just keep inner peace and accept whatever the fate bringing to you. I prefer tutoring adults to children. Many children students don’t want to learn; in contrast, adults are all willing to learn. If your students are passionately to learn, the teacher will be inspired and feel happy too. I still don’t have a pleasure feeling to meet Hayli, but seem as her mother wants me to continue. I’ll try. Meeting Barry once a week is my real joy. This Monday after our tutoring, we and Brian had coffee in a Dunkin Donuts shop. I asked Barry to show off his Chinese in front of Brian. So he described his recent trip to France in Chinese, including what food they ate, how they traveled. Brian admired Barry’s progress in Chinese.


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