Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 spring semester is coming

Actually, today is the first day of 2010 spring semester and my first class is in this afternoon. However, my mind is still wandering and in the stage of idleness. I browsed Chinese calligraphy websites more than two hours this morning and then I decide to write an English blog post now.

The topic of today’s class is about American intellectual history. We are going to read five masterpieces about American history or literature such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It should not be easy, but because the topic is interesting and the professor, Dr. Scott, is easy and nice, I assume that this course is worthy to be taken.

I quit the tutoring job in Jodi’s house. First reason is little girl who really didn’t like me. I got little pleasure when I dealt with this job. Also, investing approximate three hours on transportation made this job less attractive. I felt released when I went out their home after the last lesson.

I have met my missionary student twice. I appreciate their strong willing to learn Chinese language, and see that as a good sign of our long term tutoring. They prefer public libraries to a café. That is no problem for me at all. I’ll continue meeting them next week too. We are studying Pinyin as well as some simplest Chinese characters in our each tutoring session.

Needless to say, Barry is always the best. He studies by himself and shares his insights with me. He also asks questions, and then we work together to figure out the answers. I think my English speaking is improving invisibly while I meet and talk with Barry regularly. Also, because of his help on one of my Gandhi’s papers, I received an A on it.

A lot of interesting things happened in my work place too though I could not write down all the details. New semester is beginning; my supervisor in QCC, Gisela is coming back on next next Monday. There must be many changes again. I do not fear of the changes, and in fact is interested to see. I believe although there are many evil, unwise fellows in the world, there are also many wonderful people who are worthy us to know. In contrast to the sentiment in my early years, I have turned to be optimism now.


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