Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why don't we see literature as a play

Today is the last day of the spring break. I had a wonderful break during the last ten days. I met friends which I rarely see because I am very busy in the regular school period. I went park, deperment store, and eat at nice restaurants. I enjoy community programs in the public library. We talk about books, current events, and history. People always have debate over there. I seldom express my own opinion becuase people always want speak rather than to listen; thus, I leave time to them who like to show off. Listening different opinions is a pleasure to enjoy life and think about our culture. I love to join them on Saturday morning or afternoon, but forget it as soon as I return home. My life can never change from these literature or culture programs. Under the title of literature, authers and readers always have a bigger interest in politices instead of pure literature these. I have little interest of politices because I disagree the idea that literatue has a main duty to influence social life and politices. Why don't we see literature as a play? We don't need feel too serious of anything. I worry about the following month becuase I think I may very short in time in the final exam season. If I can have a reasonable time, everything will be all right.


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