Wednesday, May 03, 2006

don't be rush , but as soon as possible

In today's history class, I asked my professor gave the review sheet to us early, so we can have more time to study. He said it's a good idea. I feel happy about that. Because if I have enough time, I believe I can handle all the classes well. I also handed in the book report to him. He will read it and give me bace next class with comments. In other words, I have chance to rewrite some part following by my professor's comments. It's a benefit for students. However, only a few students took the chance today. One of my classmate said, he have to write four ten pages essaies this week execpt this one. I rememberd that we told the book report one month ago, his opinion is that too early to do that. I really don't understand why some people that they must wait the last minute to start to do the necessary work. I always to my job as soon as possible, give more time to myself. I do work in rush sometimes, but not too much and not as somebody always in rush.
When something happen, I always think too much and always in a negetive ways until it is solved. So, I understand that everybody has his or her unique character, each character has two sides, one is good and one is bad. If some people always delay and lazy on their work, I guess that they might be very good temper persons and very easy to forgive others, so as they always forgive themselves. Beside, I'm a person who always refuse to forgive anybody or anything if I used be hurt by them.


At 7:50 AM , Blogger Emi_Shimosato said...

Ha-ha, I'm a person who do something at the last minute! It's really depends on the matter though. My husband is worth than me, he really really doesn't do until the last minute as I often get irritated. To do something with extra time makes better result, I guess...
Anyway you will get better result than other students who was lazyer than you. That's for sure :-)


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