Friday, February 15, 2008

Difficulties on history 200

Through three years college study, my English is improving and I am proud about that. However, while I am taking higher level courses, the requirement rises higher too; consequently, I get more rather than less stress on my study.

On history 200, although the two professors are both very nice, I feel their requirement is far beyond my present English ability. For each class, we need to read one or multiple articles before class and then discuss them during the class time. Reading is not too difficult; even though some materials are old or relatively hard to be understood, as long as I spend more time, I can overcome this problem in general.

The real problem is class discuss. According the professors, a good grade is not counted by how much and how often you talk, but the quality of what you say. In my previous classes, I said very little because I have totally not confidence on my speech. This time, since I am aware that I must talk in class, I encourage myself saying as more as I can. Although after one or two classes, both my professor and my classmates have figured out how worse my talking is.

Writing is another problem. We need to write four response papers in informal format and two long and formal papers in the while semester. I started the response paper from the first week. I want to write more than four of them in order to practice and also show the professors that I am trying my best on this class. For the first paper, the professor suggested me to go the writing center to help my grammar. For the second paper, I have discussed the grammar with a writing tutor before handed in it, but the professor commented it by that I should go deeper on my points. I started to worry about the two formal papers of this course.

I have expected an A on this course, but now I lost the confident about it. Nevertheless, I will never give up. Encountering difficulties is just a good time to make myself become stronger and braver.


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