Monday, February 11, 2008

I dropped His 103

I finally dropped History 103 because I really could not stand such an uncertain situation. I don’t know when the professor will come back, or the college may cancel this course or probably a new teacher will be sent as a substitute. I made the decision by myself; after I did that, I got a relief.
I replaced it by registering the course, Buddhist art and architecture, to fulfill five courses or fifteen credits for this semester. Even though I registered it later, I didn’t miss any class of it. I am attaining this class since the beginning of this semester for my interest. My interest solved me at the key moment; otherwise, right now is too later to register any other course.

How should I think about my courses? On the one hand, I am not very happy that I had to drop a major course. As a result, I have total three courses for my major and minor. On the other hand, the courses that I am taking now are not only relatively easy, but also very enjoyable. I love to go class and read textbooks very much. I think I am touching happiness through my current studying. I complain nothing.

My college swimming poor open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening. I usually go to swimming twice a week within two of the three days. Although I think I am one of the worst swimmers among the stranger people I meet in the swimming pool, I may be the best swimmer among my friends or the people I know. This is the reason that I feel difficulty to find a partner to go to swimming together. In fact, I never mind do something alone. There are many advantages for doing things individually. First, you can do things fast, never waste time on unnecessary waiting. Second, if you hope someone coming but he or she doesn’t, you will be disappointed; consequently, you will get upset. Third, if you can swim better than most people, if you have friends with you, you may have to spend time to take care of them or instruct them, and so on and so on. I know there definitely are benefits for having friends. Nevertheless, I am a completely pessimist and mostly focus on the negative side of our live. Also, I admit that I am not a nice person at all. I am more selfish than many other people.


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