Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My courses for Spring 2008

It is so funny that I always hope and register six courses when I plan a new semester, but I have never successfully handled them. This semester too I registered six and dropped one within the first week. So, this semester I have five courses as usual. They are History 200, History 103, Anthropology 200, Chinese 360, and East Asian Study 235.

History 103 is American history from 1607 to 1865. The professor is very old. I saw his hands shaking when he tried to take a book. In the first class, he handed out an incomplete syllabus and held class less half hour long. The second class time, we waited twenty minters but he didn’t show up. We signed an attendant sheet and left. Today, the third class, a note on the door of our classroom says the class is cancelled. I start to worry about this class. However, I can do nothing but being patient.

I registered History 200 because the professor is the same professor whom I had last semester in African history. She is very helpful and reasonable. Even though her assignment is not light and her grade is not too easy, I believe if I follow her and study hard, a good grade is expected. The experience of studying with her is joyful. To my surprise, history 200 is co-teaching with Anth 330 in this semester. The prof. from Anth 330 looks very nice too. Thus, we get two nice ladies to instruct us in every class. Although this course is a seminar course and oral expression is the weakest part for me, since my faith to the good professors, I still believe that I can do well on this class.

Anth 200 is about the history of Anthropology. There are seven short paper assignment, two or three pages, and a final exam. The professor does not really require students talking in class. I feel ease about that.

The rest two are Prof. Sukhu’s classes. We study Tang poetry in Chinese 360 and continue Zen in East Asian Study 235. I raise hand every time if the question Prof. Sukhu asked I knew. I feel I may seem as a little bit odd since I talk exceeding in class.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve. I will help my aunt to cook a big family dinner. Except eating, we know nothing to celebrate our greatest holiday. I really don’t want to focus on eating only, especial I often get too full to feeling comfortable in holidays. By doing that, I merely want to happy my older relatives, e.g. my aunt.


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