Thursday, January 10, 2008

I finally find a job

In the beginning of this winter break, I have bought Chinese newspapers several times and tried to find some jobs from the advertisements on it. However, I saw no hope on it. I believe that I can work only around one month is the major restriction for me to seek job. I also called some of my ex-coworkers, but none of them provided me any useful information. I felt that I had to give up. Probably, staying at home and concentrating on English study is also a good option to spend this winter. However, change often occurs in some unexpected moment. Yesterday, when I met a classmate online, I said hello to her. In fact, I rarely chat with her; maybe I was bored at that moment so I started to talk with her. While she complained that she had to work during the winter, I showed my jealousy to her job opportunity. We both are Work Study in the college library, but my department doesn’t need people to work in the winter but hers, the department of stack, needs. She told me that I might work in her department because she felt that it needs employees. She suggested me coming to her department to inquire a supervisor. Since I had a book due back the day after tomorrow, I thought I could go to the library today to return the book and also to talk with the supervisor to try my luck.

In fact, I was luck today. When I was on the way walking to the stack office, I met the supervisor, Aldor. Since I have worked in the library more than two years, I knew a lot of people over here, including Aldor. In fact, before he became the supervisor of the stack department, he used to be my coworker in the Media center in a short time. I told him my situation and asked if he could allow me to work under his department. Aldor said that there were indeed many work in the department and they just needed worker. Nevertheless, he suggested e to go back my department to notify this issue to my present supervisor, moddel, and get a permit from him. Immediately, I went back to my department and my supervisor was just at his office. After I explained the situation to him, he allowed me working in Aldor’s department 35 hours. 35 hours is just fine because there are only a few week leaving before the new semester. Working two or three weeks is a rational and pleasurable plan. My supervisor said, “Please come back in the new semester.” I promised him that I would. I told him that it was not me who wouldn’t want to work here, but it was him who didn’t need me in the winder. Hearing that, he was laughing, said, “Here is not busy, you know.” Of cause I knew the situation. During the previous two winters while I was in this department, I applied the winter job twice but was rejected twice. I was kidding to him. Then, I went back to Aldor. He arranged me working this Thursday, Friday, and next Monday to Friday from 10 to 3, that is totally 35 hours. I like the arrangement. It is a perfect deal; it is happy not only one or two sides but three, me, Aldor, and Moddel. So, I will go to work tomorrow. I can totally earn 280 dollars. I am glad to have the income though it is a little.

Also, when I checked the email box the college assigned for me, I found the college bookstore is hiring people. The job is limited within a few weeks in the beginning of the new semester. The positions includes cashiers, sale assistants, and stack people. I think it is suitable thing for me because the classes should not too busy in the beginning period of a semester. I cannot work excessive hours in a whole semester but for a few weeks I think I may cope with it. The application of the jobs will start since next week. I will go to apply it.

After I left the college, I walked to the Flushing public library to return some books. Yes, I borrow books from both college library and the public library. I bought a cup of pudding pearl tea to myself for celebrating getting a job even though the day of the check coming is still far away. On the way to home, I found the weather was too nice to be missed, I called Jenny to have a walk in Kissena Park. The sky was extremely blue, deep, and clear. The temperature is around 60F. I wore a T-shire walking in January outside doors in New York that I felt it was really cool. We saw a lot ducks, two white swans, and some unknown birds in the lake in the park. I wonder we might find bird eggs among the reed land near the water. When somebody had dogs passing by us, Jenny said hello to those dogs instead of to people. I am not really like dog. I know I am not a kindness person. I have a lot of dark and dirty minds inside and have no willing to change at all.

When I went back home 4 o’clock in the afternoon, my aunt was cooking for her son and me. She cooked four large dishes for our two people. She can never fight out how much we will eat and dare not cook less even in a single day; thus she always makes more and more. Since I am aware that what the essential concern of my aunt is, I am touched by her love deeply. Sometimes I feel that I can never repay her whatever I do in my entire life. Although sometimes we are not perfectly understandable and very close, and she is not my mother after all, if I consider her as my half mother, I think she certainly could be.

My friend Antony got 67 on CPE. The full score is 72, the passing score is 34, and the average score is around 40. He also got three A+s and one A as his final grades last semester. I am so jealous of his achievement. The only thing that may cure my jealous is when I thinking of he will get huge pressure on his subsequent study because of his present perfection. Antony was arisen here. He has family, relatives, old classmates, and friends around him. He has an expensive car, his English is perfect, and he is young. He has a lot of wonderful things but he feels his life is just normal. I hate his attitude because it is a life I can never dream but that seem as it is just nothing for him.

I had a party in my friend Julia’s house. Around ten people came to the party and everybody bought a lot of foods. We couldn’t finish half of them. I know it is not my business but just worry how Julia deals with those foods after the guests leaving. Julia and a few people in the party were in the similar age with me. A woman among them persistently urged me to have bodies. I didn’t want to argue with her but I could never change my initial idea either. There were some young people who might around ten years younger than us. I admire Julia’s personality that she is always very nice and being friend with everybody. I have a different chracteristics from her that I can never treat everybody nice but only some of them. I think probably this is the reason that I have few friends.


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At 8:05 PM , Blogger Emi_Shimosato said...

Congratulations on your job! You have worked for 2 years for the library. Time flies. Enjoy the job and studying either :)


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