Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Set a example for my husband

I am planning to write a thirty page journal in this winter. Until today, there are still thirteen pages I need to work on. I often blame my husband for his lazy and lacking of a spirit of persistency. Thus, I compel myself to complete my plan in order to set a good example for him, also for preserving a right position to criticize him in the future.

This Friday will be the first day of the spring semester of 2008 for all CUNY colleges. I don’t have class on Friday, but I am working from 10 to 1. Also, there is a course from Art History department; the topic is Buddhist Art and Architecture and the professor is Prof. Lin. I have taken Prof. Lin’s course, Survey of Asian Art, two years ago and like him. Despite his accent, his class is very interesting and enjoyable. He doesn’t give students much pressure. From the class I have taken, I knew he requires a middle exam and a final exam for his courses. All questions of the exams are coming from his lecture. If you go to class and take a good note, you will know everything he tests. He gives review before exams, too. In the review, he narrows down the materials that will appear on the exam. In other words, he repeats at least twice about what the students have to know on the exams. I think he has done the best from the side of a teacher. In addition, he offers an opportunity for extra credit, a two page paper. Moreover, Prof. Lin not only makes the exams are reasonable, but his class is fun as well. His slide show is rich and his explanation is fascinating. He has a sense of humor too. I remember our class was at Friday night. When the class ended at 9 PM and students were in hurry to leave, he said, “Don’t go to a bar, go straight back home.”

Two semesters ago he opened a course as Chinese printing. I was delighted to register it. Unfortunately, it was concealed due to too few students registering it. I felt so sorry about that and wish he offers it in the future and more students register it. I have not registered the course of Buddhist Art and Architecture this semester. The reason is I have to put of my major courses on the first line and I couldn’t register excessive courses in one semester. So, I decided to attend his class as a non-credit student a few times in the beginning of the semester since in the beginning of a semester I may have more free time than in the middle and the end.

Today I had lunch with Candy and Joseph. After that, Candy and I studied in the ESL center in the basement in the Flushing library. We met our tutor Barry and studied with him half hour. The topic of our conversation was about the presidential election. Candy is capable to learn something new. She told us how the election going on based on the information she got from TV news. Because I have been a citizen since last year, Barry and Candy asked me whom I am going to vote. I don’t like Herlilar, but I think it is real cool to have a female president in the US. So, I told them I might vote her. Candy said she was on my side. Barry said he didn’t make his decision yet.

After Barry left at four PM, we studied by ourselves for a while. I found a good book, Vocabulary in Use, and read it around two hours. In fact, it is easy to find good books, but it is very difficult to keep studying persistently. When we took break, we talked about the coming Valentine’s Day. Candy said she expected a BF in the days before last Valentine’s Day, but she was still single today. She said that she didn’t strongly want to a BF in normal days, but she indeed badly yearned for a BF accompanying her in Valentine’s Day. She wanted a romantic night, having dinner and movie with a nice guy. She asked me to find a man to her and said that was an assignment she gave to me. She claimed that she needed him only in that certain day. After that, they would become strangers again. Valentine’s Day will be a Thursday in the second week of my new semester. I cannot promise that I can find a real person for her in such a short time although I really want do it to happy my best friend. I believe there are many single men and women in the world who have to stay alone in Valentine’s Day. It is a sad thing that they are missing each other and their lifetime are wasting for waiting.


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