Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Friends change, lovers leave

I have done the first two papers of Anth 200 and handed in the first one. I think the professor will return it to me next Monday. I will see how the grade and he comments it. For writing the first two, we read around one or two thirty page articles. However, for the third one, we need to write an overview that based on a part of a book; the book is total five hundred pages and we have to read three hundred pages. I feel it is unbelievable that a weekly homework of an undergraduate course is reading a three hundred page book and writing a 2-3 page report. I may double check this issue from the professor when I see him next time.

I know my English is improving because in my early years in college, I could speak and write little. However, now I can speak and write much more than that time. The new difficulty I have to overcome is how to speak and write better. I will work on them.

I am catching a cold lately. When my husband heard this new, his first reaction was happy rather than sad. He said it is normal that people catch a cold once or twice a year. When you catch a cold, you body has to fight with disease. That is a helpful exercise seem as a country’s army has to do exercise even though this is a peaceful period. Since I am a person very rare to catch a cold, my husband calls me superwoman and this is the reason he is happy about my illness. Because of the cold, I stop going swimming this week; I wish I can get over quickly. Catching a cold may good for your body from the perspective that my husband pointed, but it makes my eyes painful and very easy to be tired. I hate that because for this reason I have to postpone my reading job. That is a thing I really don’t want to see.

One day I saw some interesting words in a lady’s room. Someone writes, “Friends change, lovers leave, but only sisters are forever.” Later, another person adds a few words, “for your sisters” after the words “lovers leave”. I always feel very sad when I lose friends. I knew it is reality or absolute law of nature that everything is constantly changing, but I just could not help myself feeling very very sad when my friends change.


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