Saturday, January 05, 2008

Enjoy my winter break

Today is January 4th, a less half of the winter break is gone. I am checking my grades on line as often as I can. Until today, two grades are available. I got an A on Chinese history and an A+ on Chinese 360. I am so glad for the A+ because it is completely unexpected. Although in every previous semester I have had an A+, I didn’t think I could have one this semester too. The reason is in the class of Chinese 360, the grades of most of my homework were around A or A-; thus, I assumed an A was the best guess on that course. I wish the grades from the rest courses don’t disappoint me as well.

In the initial days of the winter break, I devoted all my time and energy on reading Chinese novels. I am indeed hungry on spiritual foods and long for satisfy myself desires on Chinese reading. I love novels so much and enjoy all types of them, such as romantic stories, political fiction, peasant and countryside lives, science fiction, children stories, and so on. I remember I have given myself a net name as “I love novels”. It is a funny, but shouldn’t a net name as funny and odd as it could be. In the net world, we are free from the normal sense in the real world. Do something beyond normal life!

When I find some excellent stories, I introduce them to my aunt. My aunt rarely goes to the library to borrow some books; however, when I present some books to her, I notice that she certainly has interest in them. We discuss those exciting stories. Although there is an age gap between my aunt and me, we share with the cultural background in common. Despite her senior, because I am in history major, sometimes I explain her some historical events that took place in her period. For example, some details or figures in the Cultural Revolution. I always proud about my history and Chinese classic literature knowledge though I know I should not behave like that.

I make many plans in the winter. First, I will study grammar; it is a basic job for me in every holidays. I constantly concert about my English writing and the grammar problems. Because I am always too busy to study it during formal study terms, I wish I can self-study about it in holidays. Second, I will study the English pronunciation. I feel my writing, reading, and listening skills in English are improving faster than my speaking skill. There must be some presentations and oral exams in my future academic study. I will try my best to catch up on this field. Third, I will read a few English books in order to practice reading. I am reading 1587, A Year of No Significance by Ray Huang lately. I have read the Chinese version of this book many years ago; actually, I have kept a cope of it in my home in China. It is a very famous and outstanding book. I am glad there is an English version in my college library. I have already finished half of it. After completely read it, I will choose other one or two books to read during this winter. I don’t want to make a long reading list, but rather carefully read and understand a few. Forth, I will randomly read some new Chinese book, especial Buddhist or Zen books. That should not take much time. Fifth, I will practice calligraphy as often as I can during the winter break. Last, I will write journals both in Chinese and English. I plan to write a 30 page long English journal, which should not be an excessive requirement if I just do the free writing. In contrast, for the Chinese writing, I demand quality rather than quantity although I know quality is based on quantity.

My tutor Barry is very very nice so he is very popular in the ESL learning centre in the public library. Every time I come here, he can only take a few seconds to say hello to me. I wish we can have a chance to have tea together during this winter. Barry is nice in many ways but I particularly admire him for him helping old people as well as young people. One of my friends, in fact, he is an excellent student and a sincere friend, said he liked young people. When I heard that I felt painful because in comparison with him, I was indeed old. Because of his words I felt sorry about my age and really upset. However, when I see Barry patiently helps some old ladies to study those Basic English words such as bus, street, sky, I am deeply touched by his deeds.


At 5:48 AM , Anonymous An ESL student said...

You seem a very dedicated and hard working fellow. Keep up the good work.


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