Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twin girls

This summer, I am teaching three different Chinese classes. One is on Saturday, one on Sunday, and the other class I meet it everyday from Monday to Friday. In my weekday class, there are twin girls. They are six years old, both of them having short hair and wearing glasses, and they are identical. They are sooooo cute and sweet, always sitting close to me, asking me questions. One day, I gave a cookie to the old sister for her answered a difficult question. Later, she asked me, “Teacher, Can I eat the cookie now?” After I said yes, she gladly said, “My sister and I are eating it now.” When I hear they calling “Teacher, Teacher”, I feel my heart is drunk.

Boys are always more difficult to deal with. To tell the truth, I like girls more than boys. Even in the real world, I feel women are generally kinder than men. Nevertheless, I never have a detesting emotion towards any kids. They are merely little kids, who are not yet polluted by the human world. The troublemaker boy in my class is still pure.

Except the teaching hours, I have to spend at least one and half hours everyday to prepare the tomorrow class, which is unpaid. Doing this job makes me rethink people’s common attitude towards job. For the most people, the initial and essential part of working is to earn salary. However, a good job bring a person getting connect to the society. It provides the opportunity for the individual to observe and offer assistance to other people’s lives. When a person gradually gets more and more involving in the society, the initial purpose, earning money, turns to be less important. What you gaining from the job besides the money enriches your spiritual life, which makes you really enjoy your life and this world.

By understanding this, when I do the teaching job, I don’t strictly require the fairness of the time I have input and the money I received. I just try my best to do the very thing in my hand in the present. I expect any bonus neither soon nor in the distant future. Can you understand the idea that doing a thing for no purpose? If I have to tell a reason, it should be enjoy doing a thing itself, the pay is already over there.


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