Friday, June 05, 2009

4 As & 1 A+

I got all my grades of this semester a few days ago; they are pretty good. Except the gym course, I got all As on the rest four courses. In fact, I got an A+ on the gym course. This is the second time I got 4.0 as a term GPA. Consequently, my final GPA rose up to 3.818. It is indeed a perfect conclusion of my undergraduate study. I didn’t expect an A on Anthr 201, because I got a B+ on one paper of this course, and that professor is not an easy person. Perhaps, the reasons could be that I did the extra credit assignment and my final papers were not as terrible as I considered.

Last week, I attended a few ceremonies, including the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony day was rain and the speeches were boring. Yujun came to the campus and presented a bouquet of flowers to me. We had a lunch together, and watched a movie in the afternoon, The Night at Museum II. It was fun.

This week I start my job hunting. Everybody on the Earth knows it is difficult to find a job now. It is worthless to repeatedly claim this fact; nevertheless, you have to experience it, deeply. Anyway, I strongly believe that everyone will have a job if you urge to have, regardless how long you have to wait.

Brian’s job requests him returning home very late sometimes, like 1 or 2 am. Since the public transportation gets very slow during the mid-night, he usually takes double or triple times than the regular hours he spends on the way to back home. Thus, he is planning to drive my aunt’s car to go to work. I don’t know if it is a good idea or not. Even though my aunt treats us politely, our terrible is ours, nor hers. I believe that she will not be unhappy when we use her car occasionally, but I don’t think that she will be still happy if Brian uses her car regularly. If I was her, I won’t either. I just resent Brian why he wants to others’ things.

Yesterday Brian drove her car one day. Today is the second day and he planed to return it tonight. In this afternoon, I received my aunt’s call. Only one sentence, “I’ll use my car tomorrow.” I was embarrassed on the phone. Brian is my husband, the money he earn sharing to me. For this reason, I cannot complain that I have to deal with those difficulties due to him. I just hope Brian would not plan to use my aunt’s car anymore.


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