Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Help Candy to prepare GED test

I helped Candy to prepare GED test yesterday. After knowing me free today, she asked me coming to the Flushing public library again the next day to help her. I am happy to do this for her. Today, I met her in the noon. We had Korean noodles as lunch. Every time when I have meal with Candy together, she always can introduce new restaurants to me. It is always nice to try new foods.

After lunch, we went the library to study. There are five sections of GED test, including writing, reading, social science, science, and mathematics. The writing part is the toughest one. Candy has a friend who took the test recently. She passed all the sections except the writing part. Except mathematics, Candy feels difficult on social science and science too. For example, today we encountered one question asking the idea that the fittest beings will be survival but the weak beings will die out belongs to which school of thought. I knew it is the key idea of Social Darwinism. This is a test for general knowledge. However, for people lacking of it, it is hard to take a guess in the exam. Unfortunately, it can only be a gradually cumulate way to gain this kind of knowledge, but no shortcut to get a sudden improvement.

There are always benefits of being a volunteer. If I have not offered my help to Candy, I probably will never know the informant of GED test. I am also going to tutor Barry in Chinese soon. Yesterday, I presented my honor certificate to Barry. My purpose is to prove my quality in Chinese. I don’t care that people may think I am showing off, but I believe my action is necessary to provide additional confidence to Barry. Barry told me he would email me when he is ready to study with me. I like to do that because from tutoring him, I will gain more tutoring experience, which ultimately benefits myself.


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