Monday, June 22, 2009

Make new friends

One third of the summer break is over, but I have not found a job yet. I have sent many copy of my resume out, and took a few job interviews, but I am idle now. When I was in school, I had no feeling about the real situation of the economy in this county; however, as long as I started my job hunting, I got an extremely hard time for getting a job.

Anyway, even though I could not get a job the whole summer, I will not starve to die. My husband found a job two month ago. His salary can afford our basic expense. I never want expensive house or cars. In fact, on the one hand, I urge to find a job to earn some money; on the other hand, I value the free time that I can use to improve my English pronunciation and practice Chinese calligraphy. Perhaps the true reason I have not found a job is because I lack a strong motivation to find a job.

Since I joined the NACCA, North America Chinese Calligraphy Association, I made many wonderful new friends and get much more social activities. The members in the association are all older than me. Some of them are seniors, and most of them are males. In comparison with my young friends, I enjoy more my friendship with them. They are mature enough; most of our members have various excellent knowledge, only on Chinese Calligraphy, but also on Chinese literature, Chinese medicine, computer science, etc.

When I closed my door and concentrated on self-study when I was young, I felt myself was the number one in the world. Contacting with friends and the outside world makes me obtain a more realistic evaluation to myself. Even though I am awfully disappointed by being a mediocre person, I am glad to know the truth.


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