Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chinese Tutor

Barry asked me if I could tutor him Chinese this summer. He said he’d like I read to him, and also listen to his reading and correct him, for which he couldn’t do alone. He said he had sought Chinese tutors online. Although he didn’t feel their charge high, he prefers study with me since we know each other well. It is my pleasure I can do something for him.

Later, when I recalled about his words, I told myself that why I am not to be a Chinese tutor? I have already gained my BA in East Asian Studies with honor in Chinese, and I also have around one year Chinese teacher experience. After done some Internet search, I successfully registered to be a Chinese tutor in a website. Although there are many Chinese wanting to tutor but seldom somebody seeking a tutor, I still expect to get a tutoring job. So far, I have gotten three potential tutoring opportunities. The last person had already deposited his/her credit care number but finally being lost contact. I didn’t know what’s happened within the process and had no way to find out the real reason. I couldn’t deny my disappointment about it, but it was really not strong. If somebody approached, I have confidence that somebody else will come soon or late. I am waiting for the future success.


At 7:41 AM , Blogger Kyoko said...

My English tutor (volunteer) was doing the same to me, I read an English book, and she listen to my reading, correct my mistake of pronunciation. It is still difficult for me to say "relatives" :( I have studied Chinese really little bit, it also made me cough when I tried to pronounce right like English!!

Wishing you enough good luck to have some students!!

At 7:45 PM , Blogger pink tear said...

Thank you Kyoko!


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