Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An A on Messene paper

I sent out the take-home final essays of History 710 today a few hours ago. I was so luck that this afternoon I went school writing centre in which met a very nice tutor. She helped me to go over the two essays, totally eight pages. I didn’t expect a tutor to help me in organization and content, but merely for some grammatical errors that I could not have self-realization. She certainly did what I expected, and I am satisfied. Although there is another essay from another class, it is too short to request much concern or to get pressure. I’ll go back work until next Wednesday, and have a plenty of time to finish the two-page essay. Thus, it seems my summer holiday is coming.

I got an A on Messene paper. In the beginning of the semester, I told myself that I thought Professor Allen was a fair rather than easy professor. If he could get me an A, then I would believe I am really ok. However, when I positively got an A on a research paper from him, I still felt uncertain, asking myself an unsolvable question, “do I really deserve this grade? Or is it only because the professor pities me?” I spent too much effort on the Messene paper. Now there are merely a few useless sheets of paper left on my table. But I do not regret.

I am planning doing nothing tomorrow, but since now, I am bored. I profoundly understood that I could never stop perusing formal study; otherwise, I must turn to be the dullest housewife in the world. Pressure, busy, and suffering are all necessary factors to make the life could be felt meaningful.


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