Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First time drive to work

This afternoon I drove to QCC and drove back home alone. Woo, this is my first time driving to work. I was excited and nervous. Anyway, I got home safely. It is all.
The reason I went the college is because a director from another department wants to hire me. I have already been arranged working in ID room this summer, but she need a part time person. Dr. Jean-pirrie recommended me to her. She spoke with me twice on the phone last week; thus, today I went her office to talk the details with her in person. After talked with her, I found she can only give me six hours a month, and the six hour would be divided in three days, 2 hours a day from 5pm-7pm. It is not attractive at all. Moreover, as a part-employee, I definitely cannot work more than 20 hour/week. If I work 20 hours in ID room already, how can I work with her? She could not solve the problem. I asked her to call me if she found any solution, and then left.


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