Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Writing the introduction of my thesis

When I start to write the introduction part of my thesis, I immediately realize I am far from good, and also the result will be far from good too. Only good thing is that the process of doing this project makes me better.

Unexpectedly, I have four students studying Chinese with me now. Amy is a girl who originally came from Taiwan but grew up in America. She had already earned her MA in education major from Columbia University two years ago. Right now she is new teacher in an elementary school in NYC. Amy speaks fluent mandarin, and she studies with me only for the goal to achieve a professional writing. She has to pass a test in order to gain a certificate of bilingual teacher next month. Thus, our tutoring concentrates on the possible topics in the test. I enjoy tutoring Amy because it is a relative higher level of Chinese study. I think I am better at this than teaching people very basic pinyin or words.

Jeffery is an American young man who studied with me since today. He had gone to Chinese three years ago and been an English teacher in Shenzhen for a few weeks. His Chinese is fairly ok. He wants a tutor because he doesn’t want to forget the Chinese he already had while he lives in America. He studied finance in Boston University and wants to do business in Chinese in the future rather than being an ESL teacher. Only after I talked with him a few minutes, he asked me if I came from somewhere in south China. Ah, He recognized my accent. I had no choice but to confess I am a Sichuan people. I wish he would not run away just after this meeting.


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