Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kite man

When I went to work this afternoon, I saw a mid-age man was flying a kite on the track of QCC. It is a simple, red, square-shape kite. I like it. Since I arrive to the college a few minutes early, so I walked around on the track a while. When I passed by the kite man again, I found there was no more kite on the sky. I asked him where the kite was. He said it was there, but I could not see. He pointed it by his finger and asked me to watch following by his direction. However, I still could not see. I realized the kite was too far away, thus became too small to see. Since the kite man knew where was it, so he felt he could see, but not anybody else. I asked whether he made this kite, he answered yes. It is really wonderful. I rarely speak with strangers, but today in such a nice cool summer day, I gained a nice experience to speak with other people.


At 4:24 PM , Anonymous said...

Very good.


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