Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I am truly appreciate the kindness of human being, sometimes

Yesterday in our sociology class, our professor said he couldn't offer his notes to us becuase he didn't have. I tried to ask one of my calssmates who always answer questions on class and I guess he may take good notes. He replied that he would send his all notes to me at night. While I was talking with him, some students heard our conversation. After class, one of my classmates came to ask the notes. I think it is interesting because I even didn't have the notes yet. However, I promised her that I would email her as soon as I recevied. At night, I indeed got an email from the student and found his nots. I am really appreciately his fast email and the help and his kindness. I find out some definaions which I couldn't find out neither internet nor library. I believe I can increase ten more points in my final exam from this information. I sent his notes to the classmate who wanted; I wanted somebody to share my happiness. Now, I have more confidence about the class of sociology.
However, The studying time is still extremely limited. When I work at the the loptop room, it's impossible to do any serious job becuase you may be interupted in every several minutes. I rather to practice some easy things such as talking or reading in English in possible.


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