Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meet Candy in the tomorrow

I will meet Candy in the tomorrow afternoon. She is working in Texas and returned to New York last weekend. She is going to stay here a week. She asked if I could meet her today also, but I refused. I really cannot spend two half days without study. I feel sorry about that. Candy is my best friend, and she is only staying NY a short time, but I couldn’t give her more time. I wish she can understand me.

I will meet Taotao this Friday to eat lunch together and watch Harry Potter V. We made this date two weeks ago, and I feel it is difficult to tell her that I want to cancel it. I think studying at Friday night and the weekend days should be ok.

The first quiz of Archaeology will take place next Monday. I am not worried it too much. The textbook is easy to understand and very interesting. I have read it twice, and I will do the further study during the weekend. The professor will give the review tomorrow though I expect nothing from her.

Instead of it, I have no confidence of the course of the American history. For this course, the professor emphasizes analyzing rather than simply list of events. The professor is knowledgeable and his lecture is very logical and clear. However, although I agree his requirement is reasonable, I am unable to fulfill it well. I still have serious problems of English reading. Especially, when I try to speed up, the book is going to be very difficult to understand. In fact, I have to do it when sometimes I really lack of time to complete the reading assignment. If I could not well understand the text, how can I analyze the history?


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