Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am connecting the Internet in the public library

I brought my laptop to the Flushing library to try if I could access wireless internet here. I have seen many signs in the library saying that the library added this service, but I doubted it. However, I had to say it was true. I connected my laptop to internet easily and fast.

The next two months in the summer, the college library will been closed every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If I must use internet to finish my assignments during the weekend, I can go to the library. Although there is not as quite as the college library, it is a still a good option and a good new for me. In addition, in comparison with my room, air-conditioner is available here also. On one hand, I never hate hardship since it can make me stronger; however, on the other hand, I really do not refuse to cool down in hot summer days.

I have seen Barry a few minutes before, and he agreed to talk with me a while after four thirty in the afternoon. I like the schedule; right now, I am sitting on the third floor and reading some Chinese books. I feel good today.


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