Monday, June 25, 2007

Study for the final paper of the European history

The exam will take place the day after tomorrow. I have been studying for it four days, and I will go on tomorrow. I am so tried about the fact that doing only one thing within many days. I am looking forward the end of this session.

I learn many new words and try to correctly spell out them. For example, confiscate, abdication, provisional, requisitioning, emancipation, commodity, democratic, faction, weapon, serf, propaganda, feudal, purge, Comintern, tsar. Also some names, Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin, Nicholas, Alexander, Stalin, Moscow, Petersburg, Petrograd, Entente. Through those words, probably everybody can figure out that my paper is about the history of Russian revelation and the Soviet.

I rarely take a particular time to memorize new words, but only do that before exams. This is a weakness for human being. We need some external forces to push us to improve.


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