Monday, July 09, 2007

Disappointed by the Archaeology teacher

I am deeply disappointed by my Archaeology teacher. She put outlines, which summarized from the textbook, on her PowerPoint and read it as the class lecture. She runs the material so fast. When students couldn’t take note and complained, she said that all the material was available in your textbook. She discourages questions, and claimed questions would interrupt her lecture. However, I guess the real reason is she is anxious about questions. She emphasizes the importance of reading the textbook, “Reading the textbook is even more important than going to class.” If all the stuff is exactly following by the text book and she couldn’t give us anything new, why don’t we self-study at home? All she did shows that she is completely no confidence of this course and her teaching.

Today, we encountered “Zhoukoudian”, a very famous Archaeological site and any introduction course of Archaeology cannot avoid mentioning it. The teacher didn’t know how to pronounce it, but said, “This is a site of Peking Man.” It is fine for common people don’t know that. But how can a college level Archaeology teacher don’t know it.

I love Archaeology and have expected to study it in a long time. But I’m so unlucky to meet an unknowledgeable teacher as her. We will have the first quiz next Monday. She told us there were 25 questions on it. That means one question weights four points. If you make two questions wrong, you grade drops to A-, and it is hard to keep all question correct or make only one mistake. I don’t think it’s a good arrangement for a test.

Nevertheless, I understand we have to use to do any kind of situation. I will spend more time to read the textbook. By the way, the book is very interesting and easy to understand. I still expect an A on this course.


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