Friday, July 06, 2007

A trip on July 4

The second session of the summer courses started on this Monday. There are a lot of materials that I have to read. Basically, I need to read around six pages, two chapters for Archaeology and one chapter for American history, per day. Both of those courses are very interesting. For this reason, I never feel bad about the readings. The only problem is I will have little time to write journals.

For American history, the professor emphasizes the class participation and may require in class writing. I know his requirement is reasonable. Asking or answering questions in class means you are thinking. But I am too shy to speak in front of all the students. I am also worried about the writing. Without a preparation, I don’t what I can write in a short time in the class. I could not reach a high level on history study.

In contrast, the professor of the Archaeology is a new teacher. She doesn’t like questions. This is my first time encounters a teacher who dislikes questions. She said, asking question would interrupt her lecture, and that also means you didn’t read the textbook well. Her class is easier, and I should like her although I know she couldn’t be considered a good teacher.

Yesterday was July 4, the Independent Day. I went to climbing with my friends. The whole trip was good, and the half hour of climbing rocks was particularly exciting. We spent majority hours on the way and got refreshed in a friend’s apartment after the climbing, but spending only three hours on hiking and climbing. I was not exhausted at all. Three hours walking was a piece of cake for me. I wish I can have a trip that makes me very tired. Living cities is not easy to find a way to make yourself very tired.

All the friends on the trip were natural English speakers. They spoke very fast. I understood them mostly, but I couldn’t join into their conversation at all despite they were very nice to me. I was so embarrassed and wanted to go home badly. I believed my friend would not invite me other trips any more because I was so silly and seams knowing nothing. However, I understand the first step to involve a new circle is very difficult, but I have to use to it. If there is another chance to go with them in the future, I will go and will encourage myself speak more and feel more comfortable.


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