Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Europe history is done

I finished the final exam right now. I have worked on my essay five days and probably rewrote it more than twenty times before the exam. I am so tired about it. When I one more time wrote down it on the exam, I even didn’t want to give it a glance anymore.

But I didn’t do well on the term-matches again. The reason was I still didn’t well figure out the professor’s mind. Some terms were not familiar for me.

I could not complain anybody; in contrast, I love the professor; he is very helpful but not spoils the students. He is awe, exactly as the comments from former students. I wanted to say something to him when I handed my exam to him because that should be the last time I met him. But I only said thanks; I was to shy to something more.

I guess I may get a B+ or A-. My English limited my achievement despite I have spent excessive time and energy to study. I feel painful that my plan of upraise my GPE failed. I don’t know how the following American history course is. It should not be easy either. I am waiting.

Form tomorrow, I have four days off between the two summer sessions. I will go to a museum with my friends. I also will go to the Flushing library this afternoon to see my tutor, Barry. I have not seen him in the long time. I miss him. I wish he has time after his job, so we may go to a bakery to have a cup of coffee or tea, having conversation, this is the point.


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