Monday, July 23, 2007

Visited Jinsha site, but not me

I am going to shift to study Archaeology this week, I love it far more that the American history. I like history because it involves all the social aspects. History is vivid in my eyes. However, in our American history course, the studying is focusing on politics and economy and mentions little culture and art. I am disappointed by the design. The other problem is I am absolutely unfamiliar about American polities. In contrast, many of my American classmates know a lot of their own history. I feel bad for myself.

However, on the Archaeology course, at least, everybody on the seam level, no one has especial knowledge about Archaeology before go to this class. I think that is the reason I am easier to catch up my classmates than on the American history course.

My parents and my husband went Jinsha, an Archaeology site in Chengdu, last Sunday. I wish I could go with them. I have many interests in common with my father. It is pity that I could not always stay with my family.


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