Tuesday, July 17, 2007

an A on the first quiz

I got an A on the first quiz on my Archaeology course. I make 7 wrong out of 30 questions. A few mistakes are due to my poor English abilities; I regretted about that. If I spent more time on the exams or read those questions more carefully, some of those mistakes would be avoided. One of my classmates, whom I often talk to, works in a church every night and the whole of Sunday. She always looks sleepy, and every time when I ask how her study goes on, her answers are always like, “No time to read,”, “Don’t study for exams,” However, she got an A+ on this quiz. Form that, I am aware I have to spend even more time to study in order to reach an average level in college.

The mid-term exam of American history will take place on next Monday. I have no clue about it at all. I am waiting for the review list from the professor and planning to study it during this weekend. Anyway, I need use today and tomorrow to complete this week’s reading for the Archaeology course.

Two weeks passed of the second summer session, I spent two days to hang out with friends. I will study only until end of this session.

Antony made a CD for me and put the pictures he took on it. Two of them are very good. He also copied a lot of English songs on the CD, I like all of them. All the songs in my computer are from my friends.


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