Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ting and me Visited Emma

I will go to the Flushing library to see Candy and Barry. I love to talk with them. Both of them are very friendly. I wish I can have them as my friends in my whole life.

Ting came to see me this noon. We ate lunch together in the school cafeteria. This was my first time buying food here after I have attended this school two and half years. When I entered into the cafeteria, Joseph was sitting here and said hello to me. He said the cafeteria was his home, seam as I consider the library is my home.

After lunch we went the library and visited Emma in her office. Emma was very happy that we came to see her. She showed some postcards that one of her students gave to her. Those postcards were from QingDao, a medium-size city located on the northern coast of China. The view of QingDao is so beautiful. it is just as a well-developed European city rather than a city from China. After all, China is a developing country since recent twenty years. Emma said her opinion about it was in common with me.


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