Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Study Tang poetry with Prof. Sukhu

I have two papers due two weeks later. I am working on the paper of the Kula exchange several evenings later. Yes, when I double checked from the professor this Monday, he answered that we have to read three hundred pages in order to write this paper. I can say nothing but start to do it immediately.

I feel difficult on history 200 although I really think the two professors who are nice and kind ladies. I will go to talk one of them this Thursday about my response papers. I doubt what they can do for me if the problem is due to my own poor English standard. However, it is better to let them know my situation and show my effort.

I think I cannot keep anthropology as my second major anymore. Both last and this semester I planed to take two anthropology courses but failed. Thus, if I want to complete college with in one year more, I am really unable to keep this major. I feel sorry about that because anthropology really is a very interesting subject.

I enjoy professor Sukhu’s class very much. We are studying Tang poetry this semester. Every class when he asks somebody to read the poem we are going to study, I always the first and only person raise hand. It is an absolutely enjoyable thing to read Chinese classical poems. I just feel sorry that he only asks a student to read a couple of lines but not the whole poem every time. I discuss some certain words with him and have the confidence that he knows them or even he does not know he is willing to conduct from a dictionary. I value the time I studying with professor Sukhu.


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