Thursday, October 02, 2008

My comment on American history

In the more often situations, the most important and the true things appear like plain, less exciting, and worthless. For example, the statement of that there are always brutal conflicts between men and men, or an ethnic group and another throughout human evolution. When I study American history this semester, I think this statement can be the best comment on this piece of history. I am sad about this extreme of the raise and fadeaway of different races.

The main clue of the American history is not too complicate. Europeans had long been attracted by exotic goods from the East and the rich of China since the middle age. Due to the motivation, they voyaged and mistakenly discovered American continent in the late of the 15th century. The initial immigrants suffered much difficulty and many failures to settle down. Nevertheless, they gradually established permanent spots to live and created colonial societies by the first half of the 17th century. More and more people came. They were religious people such as Puritans, poor Europeans such as indentured servants, and African slaves who were sold here by force. The societies became diversity and complex. Although there were constant conflicts between different groups of people, in general, the land of American had been growing vigorous and prosperous. After the US gained it impendence in 1773, as we all know, within other two hundred years, this nation developed to be the richest one in the world.

This is a fabulous legend in our human history. Our study in the college class room naturally focuses on the wonderful success of the European descendants as well. However, I want to ask that can you still keep a positive view and a joyful feeling if you were a Natural Indian. I assume that many people do not want to think about it, but I just could not stand to feel sad, so sad when I encounter greater and greater success of Europeans in the land of North America. Some ethnic groups’ success is exchanged by the other groups’ failure and extinction. Can you merely conclude that the weaker should die?


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