Monday, July 14, 2008

Go to swimming.

I have not written English journal in a long time after I returned China. While I make more delay, I get more nervous to go on the writing. I often complain my husband practicing too little on English speaking and writing. However, now, I certainly understand that how his struggle is within such an environment. In our friend circles in China, few people study; they spend most of their time eating, playing and doing things making no sense. How you can continuously do many things different from others.

Yesterday I went to swimming with my old co-workers. Because I often stay in rooms with air-conditions this summer, I do not have a shape feeling the hot weather and have less desires to go to swimming for the purpose to cool down. However, after I went to the swimming pool and merged my body into the cool water, I suddenly recalled the wonderful experience that swimming in rivers in my young age.

Lately, my husband and I often spend one or two hours a day to read English articles together. Despite I have enrolled in college in America, he is able to correct me on the pronunciation of some certain words. It is true that my pronunciation is terrible. My husband said if he did not know the fate that I have received many As in college, it is hard for him to believe that I have stayed in America many years.


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