Thursday, May 07, 2009

Preparing the final exams

There are only two weeks left for this semester. I have one final exam that will be next Monday, for history 144. For history 392 and Anthropology 201, I am expected to complete an 8 page paper for each of them. This final exam period is not exciting because there is no an exact time as a sudden end, but passing gradually.

I have measured my time and believe I have enough time to finish these tasks. The due of the last paper is May 22. After that, my undergraduate program is end. Probably, I have to say the end is a wide opened new start after four and half year college study.

Brian found a job a few days ago after stayed at home many months. This job has a higher salary and is closer at our home than his first job. This is a photo frame manufacture, which is similar with Brian’s first company despite it has a much larger scale. Although his first job was an depressed memory for us, it at least provided Brian some experience and also became the partial reason that this company hires him.

His work schedule is basically 10-6, but not fixed. I think it is very acceptable working hours. I remember someone said, it is happiness that family member can have dinner together. Because of my miserable pervious work experience, always came back home 10 or 11 at night, I totally comprehend the profound meaning of these words, although it looks simple and easy. Unlike me, Brain told me he would like stay in the work place as late as he could, “I have already stayed at home too long. Right now I like to work”.


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