Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mid-term exam season

Very very busy recently. There are long essays, in-class writings, and mid-term exams. Brian just got his drive permit and he is eager to drive everyday. If he wants to drive, I have to sit next to him in the car in order to legalize his driving. I really lack of time to do it everyday for him. I feel sorry about that, but I have no choice. He has ordered a GPS already despite the fact that he has no car. If he cannot conquer his desire to drive, he runs to my aunt’s house to drive her car a while. He will take the drive test tomorrow. Do you think he can pass in the first attempt, Pink Tear?

I don’t know if I can get As on my courses or not this semester. I am trying, but I am really not sure about the results. My history courses and anthropology course are high level courses and very hard. Some assignments are far beyond my ability, and I am unable to handle them. The one credit library 100 course is done this week. It is easy and I put a very few efforts on it. I expect an A on this course, and also believe an A+ if I am lucky. The gym course is fun in the beginning. However, since the professor is increasing the task, I gradually feel difficult now.

I am looking forward the spring break two weeks late; only until that time, I can actually take a break.


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