Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Tuesday is my toughest day this semester. But after 4:30 pm, I am free. The rest of the day becomes happy hours for me. This week I don’t have too much works, no paper due or any exam. Thus, after my class, Brian and I went to a department store, Bloomingdal’s, on 59th Street. I have been there around two years ago with Jenny, and I also remember that time I applied a member card although I have never used it again.

We spent around three hours to look around in it. there are nine floors plus two underground levels. It is amazing. In China, even though the biggest department stores, they usually contains five or six floors. Brian likes Bloomingdal’s. He admired it looks like a museum rather than a department store. All the items in the store are expensive. Even though the prices of some items are reduced, we still cannot afford any of them. Anyway, it is not our intention to buy anything. Looking around and enjoy our short trip are good enough for a relax evening. For me, it is definitely true that I don’t want to possess all of the good things that I have seen. Enjoying everything is more important than pursuing the ownership.

After this trip, I realized that I should give myself more free time to go out and explore our city. That is the real and vivid life.


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