Friday, April 10, 2009

Woo, Spring break coming

I have a single task during this spring break, a 7 page history paper. It is a tough job but I have to finish it during the break in order to leave more time for myself on final exams. Three days of the break have passed, but I have not started my paper yet. I am too nervous to do it. Maybe the real reason is that the pressure is not strong enough.

Yesterday was a perfect sunny day. My husband and I initially planed to study in the school cafeteria, but later we realized that we just could not waste such a fine spring day by staying in door. My husband suggested going to Rockaway Beach. It was about fifteen miles far away from our place. I though it was a good idea.

The scene of sea was very attractive. We took many pictures on the beach. However, our images did not like good, the strong sea wind making our hair in a mess. On the way back home, we found the sign of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. We stopped and visited it. There are two ponds in the refuge, which were man-made in 1950s, but the water comes from sea tide. We walked around one of the ponds. On the path, we saw a lot of birds on both sides. A kind of bird, which I do know its name, always appears in pair in the grassland. Their images remind us royal lovers, which is amazing. It was a really joyful moment that putting you in the natural world, surrounding by sea, sky, wind, plants, and birds.


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