Sunday, March 01, 2009

Worry about time

Busy about my study, and worry about it.

There are weekly readings that I can barely finish every time. Thus, how I can get ride of my anxious if when exams and paper assignments will be due. The crucial problem is always time. If you have enough time, you may do anything. However, we already waste time when we are not under extreme stress.

I like professor Sen who teaches the South Asian history. He is so nice to me. One day after class, I talked a little bit with him. He asked if he pronounced my name correctly. Although I told him his pronunciation is perfectly fine, he was still apologizing to his pronunciation. Language is a real amaze phenomenon. Professor Sen is a PhD, and has been a professor many years, but he still cannot completely conquer the language problem.

This is my second time taking professor Stresster’s class, culture anthropology. She doesn’t like me so much. Class participate is weight 25 points of the final grade in her class. Despite my language problem, I push myself talk in the class every time. However, she often doesn’t like to call me to talk when I rise up my hand. I know I cannot speak well, and my opinion may not contribute to the class too much. But when I still wish her encourage, I am disappointed.


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