Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Met Barry during spring break

Brian and I met Barry this Tuesday, but the most conversation was between Barry and me. Both of us were so happy to meet each other, so we talked a lot. Barry was nice and polite. He talked with Brian, asking him questions, making him feeling comfortable. I called Candy but she said she could not come because she needed to do acupuncture. It was pity.

Barry told me several interesting things happened in his life lately. First, he recently got contact with his six-grade classmates from Facebook. There are fifty-two years that they have not seen each other. Woo, it is amazing. They should have a huge celebration for the reunion. Second, he and his wife are planning a trip to south Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, and other a few countries. They travel different places in the world every year, which is really a good way to live. Barry wants to go to China but his wife doesn’t like this idea too much. Thus, Barry then wishes that he can meet some Chinese in Vietnam or Thailand to practice speaking in Chinese. I believe he could because wherever in the world there are many Chinese. Third, Barry and his wife are planning to sell their house in Flushing and to buy an apartment in Long Island City. Long Island City is closer to Manhattan than Flushing. Barry said he and his wife go to Manhattan frequently. They want to live in a place where is convenient to reach Manhattan. Also, if they sell the house, they can have more money to travel around. Brian likes this idea very much. He said they set an example for our future life.

I discussed my recent situation with Barry, too. I have accepted by the graduate school in QC. I am registering course now. When I mentioned I received an award and there will be a party holding in my department, Barry expressed that he’d like to join. It is a surprise; I don’t expect that he wants to come. But I am so glad his attitude. Barry is always so kind. I am proud I have such a good tutor appearing on my award party. I wish he will really come.


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