Friday, August 07, 2009

Cha is a smart girl

Yesterday morning, as soon as I got up, I called CUNY CAP office. Nobody answered the phone. I continued calling after I went back home from school in the afternoon. Finally, a woman answered the call. After I explained my problem, she said she had no idea about my document going. I begged her to think about any other way to help me because it was really important for me. She then suggested me to call the admission office or financial aid office of Queens Borough Community College because the most of CAP candidates go to those departments. I called both of them, but neither one even had understood what CUNY CAP was.

I was almost despaired. I called back to CUNY CAP office, asking the same woman if in the case that I really could not get contact with this department, my document would pass to another department and I might still get chance to be called. She said she understood my concern and believed it would.

Nevertheless, I still didn’t totally lose hope. I wandered around QCC website. I found there was a department called academic advisement and with its number. I remembered when I filled my application, I chose academic advisement. Maybe I should call this department to try my lucky. When I called this number and explained my situation, I felt the person answered the phone seem as familiar about CUNY CAP. When she asked my last name then, I knew I got the right place. Oh, I just could not believe really found the person who called me that day. Can you image to find out a single person from a college with only a general college number. I apologized to her for my hanging up the phone that day, she forgave me. We made an appointment on next Monday morning.

I was overjoyed the whole afternoon and evening. I told Brian, Woo, Cha is a smart girl!


At 3:33 PM , Blogger Kyoko (EmiShimosato) said...

Congratulations!! You are really brave to grab a luck...! Never give up would be the key to get a luck. Wishing you the interview will go well!!

By the way, I have done the same thing. It was much less important thing than your phone call though.
It was by e-mail, since so many junk mails coming into my mail box, I deleted an important mail without knowing :( I thought it was one of a junk mail.
I think to be anxious to protect yourself is normal action.

Looking forward to seeing next post about the interview. Good luck!


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