Thursday, August 06, 2009

Missed an inportant call for job interview

I am applying a program call CUNY CAP. If I am accepted, I can get six credit tuition waive as well as 15-20 hour job per week during every academic period. I am eager to be accepted by this program very much. Six credit tuition means $2000 every half year; it is not a small amount for me. Also having a part time job in a college is a perfect working condition for me during my graduate years.

I submitted the application last month and am waiting for the call or email for interview. Yesterday noon, when I was teaching in the Chinese class, there was an unknown call coming. Without thinking, I hung up my cell phone. A moment later, my cell phone rang again, I turned off it. Quickly, I realized the phone maybe a phone from one of CUNY College for an interview. After the class, I called back and found it was from Queens Borough Community College. Unfortunately, I have no way to figure out the extension number in order to call back. I am so dispirit by my stupid action of hanging up the cell and even turning it off.

This morning, I called the CUNY CAP office and wished they might know the department and number of QCC office who takes care of my case. Nobody answered the phone. I will try it again next morning. Also, I assume the staff in Queens Borough Community College may email me since he or she couldn’t contact with me by phone. I am waiting of the email, but I also doubt that the staff may get mad by my cell phone trouble and won’t any further action anymore.

This is a serious trouble and it was caused by my stupid thinking and behavior. I regretted about that, and I wish I learn a lesson from it in the future. Of course, the strongest wish of me right now is to make the situation up. My husband comforted me, saying, “You cannot lose all only because a missed call.” I’ll see what will happen following.


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