Thursday, December 31, 2009

farewell 2009

The last day of 2009. I still remembered when I was a kid, 2000 appeared how far away from me. But now 2010 is tomorrow.

I received an A- on History 701, Introduction to History Research. I am satisfied by this grade. This was my first semester in the graduate school. I’ll do better later. I am waiting for another grade from Professor Sen.

I am upset by my Chinese student Hayli. She doesn’t like me at all, and the tutoring session turns to be a torturing time to me. I’ll stay one or two times longer. If the situation goes to be worse, I think I may quit the tutoring job.

Brian, his friends and I are planning a one-day hiking in the New Year day. I found a very good website that lists more hundred state parks of NY. It also identifies the locations of each park, which is very helpful to us to get an idea of the distance from our home to the park we planed to go.

I’ll going to practice calligraphy the rest of today, that is one of the most pleasure things I could enjoy in my life.


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