Friday, November 06, 2009

2009 116

In my blog, there are already three year records of my birthday, 06, 07, and 08. It is a really joy to read them. Also, I have diaries for many many years storing at home that I can look back what I did in my every birthday. They are my treasure. My friend Jin sent a message to me for happy birthday. I am always a person who prefers quality over quantity. I enjoy this simply feeling, expanding it to a boundless contentment.

It is nice to have a birthday on Friday. Today I work at QCC Student Activities office from 10 to 3. I’ll have the first Chinese lesson for the little girl Hayli in Manhattan from 4:30 to 6 in the afternoon. After that, I’ll meet my husband at his workplace, and then we’ll celebrate my birthday in the evening. I have not decided yet whether we’ll eat at home or go out. either of them are fine.

While I working in the office, I reread the autobiography of Gandhi to prepare my final papers. I have felt serious stress on my study lately. I even thought about to quit. However, when I got contacts with other people, I realized that few people have an easy life in the world. Some of them have a much serious condition than me. Being aware about that, I am pretty released.

This Tuesday, before the class, one of my classmates said when he was at the history department office, he witnessed two girls who were complaining the excessive assignments and papers to the chairman with tears in their eyes. Thanks God I have not cried yet. When Professor Sen walked in, he told us a bad new. One of our classmates died by heart attack. His wife emailed Professor Sen this news. A friend said to Professor Sen, “You gave him too much stress.” But this joke was not funny at all. Everybody felt sad. In comparison with those things, I felt I could not claim I have difficulties at all.

For my papers, my constant concern is that my writing could never reach to my professor’s expected level. I have been tortured by this fact. However, I finally realized I have to admit the fact and found the solution. I’ll do whatever I am able to do, trying my best, and ignoring any requirement beyond my ability. Only in this way, I could survive.


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